I don't know how I deserve the goodness of having this knife history shared with me, but Robert Paolantonio, has been moved to send me pics of some of his knife collection….

Robert refers to this as the "half moon" tang stamp.  Hopefully you can see the word Colonial has a bend to it.  Robert dates these Colonial celluloid knives to the 1930's – 40's.



Next are Frosolone, Italy knives passed down to Robert.



And here's some ULTRA RARE, very hard to find knives.  According to Robert he only made 20 or 30 of each because of the amount of time and energy each knife required.  They were scrimshawed by Joe Luiz.  Handles were either mammoth ivory or mother of pearl.  


Absolutely unbelievable huh? 

Consider it a privilege, from Robert, that you are viewing these shots before the book is released.  

Steel Sahlute,