The art of carrying is becoming as fun as what knife you select to carry!

Steel Sahlute fellow lovers of the steel!!

I'm always conducting some "carry recon" to see how I can better equip my EDC arsenal.  First off, I have waaaaaaaaaaay too much gear (lighters, cigar cutters, SAK…..oh, and occassionally cash) to deposit another knife into my already weighted down pocket . 

Then to "top off" my pocket there is always a knife clipped onto the pocket lip.  Ya know, an assited open or one-hand open knife.  One must be able to access their knife with little effort in my opinion.

 Now, here's where the steel stuttering begins.  I own more knives, and I want to carry them.  I can't carry them all at once.  I already have this one in the bottom of mypocket, this one on the lip of my pocket, this knife in the other pocket, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, but I do have a belt.  And there are knife sheaths purposely meant to carry knives.

Yeah, ok, yeah…..I already knew about the knife sheaths, and I've been utilizing a knife sheath for the last 6 months or so, just so I could carry another knife.  I mean, listen, half the fun of owning knives is what?………………………..that's right, carrying them.

So here's where the EDC recon started the stainless steel bearings in my mind working…..

How do I carry this beautifully re-handled vintage Imperial Easy Open knife from WWII era?


And this is the dilemma……how do I carry this beauty?  Originally I attached it to a paracord; the knife down in my pocket, with the paracord drooped over my pocket.  (see pic below).  Knot, a totally knuckle brain idea, but the knife was down in the pocket, adding more weight and cumbersomeness to the current carry. 

With my NEW recent acquistion of some very unique ferro rod (makes sparks to start fire) paracord lanyrads in safety orange…. I thought, there has to be a way to utilize these in my EDC.  BAM!  The idea hit me.  I'll attach this paracord to the knife, drop it into my belt sheath and ah-carrying-I-will-GO!!

Let me know what you think!


And outside od the knife sheath…..

Purty dang snazzy ain't it? 

It's all about the carry!

Steel Sahlute to the art of EDC!!