Much steel love and respect to my fellow knife friends on this Memorial Day Weekend!  Much respect and honor to those who’ve served this country and given their lives for our freedoms!

This weekend is also known as the first weekend of summer (except here in Florida where I look forward to the first weekend that ISN’T summer!!).

I see folks camping, grilling, sluggin’ down some brews, watchin’ the parade, enjoyin’ friends and family and more!  Ahhhhhh yes, we do love Memorial Day Weekend!

Without a doubt every gathering this weekend will center on a barbecue grill and preparing foods.  Now, since I’m a reseller of RADA Kitchen Cutlery and utensils I think more about preparation of delicious edibles!

I know this is a “pocket” knife blog, but hang with me for a second.

I just have to share these “no name” aluminum handled knives with you because they are Wal-Mart priced and made in the U.S.A.!  Yeah……RADA Knives are Wal-Mart priced as if they were imported, but they’re made in America and as far as all the knives I’ve handled are concerned they’re the best American made cutlery for the money – bar none!

Side Note: Bacon retains waaaaaaaaaaaay MORE flavor if you don’t cook it to a crispy piece of cardboard. (I recalled cutting the package of bacon in half with my RADA Cutlery Chef’s Knife before cooking).   

Back to the affordable, made in America, lifetime warrantied knives by RADA.

Na Name (RADA) Paring Knife & Potato Peeler (2) Na Name (RADA) Paring Knife & Potato Peeler (5)No name RADA Kitchen knives 005

You’ll love these kitchen knives…….I promise.

·         The Regular Paring Knife (no name on tang) is ONLY $5.20

·         The RADA Vegetable Peeler is ONLY $7.30 (there isn’t a vegetable peeler that’s easier to use and we all know how an inferior potato, cucumber, carrot peeler is to use).

·         The non-squishing Tomato Slicer Knife is only $ 6.10!  Really, tell me……..are these not low, low prices for American made kitchen knives, that carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY?

 I’m still amazed that their best identification is there “no name” stamp on what RADA manufactures……it’s amazing, but I believe they are starting to stamp some knives.

·         In addition to the kitchen knives, RADA offers an awesome Quick Edge knife sharpener which sells for a whopping $7.00 and works perfectly on their high-carbon stainless knives.

Imagine knife sets that don’t cost hundreds and hundreds, rather sell for less than $100.00 including the block!

Steak, paring, serrated and more, it’s all the rage……believe me, I’d tell ya if it weren’t 110% honest to God truth!

If you’d like to order RADA Knives just shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to assist you!

Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber


P.S. – For an awesome wedding, shower, gift, or with your business name printed on RADA knives just inquire as I offer a number of knife sets. 

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