Na Name (RADA) Paring Knife & Potato Peeler (7)Na Name (RADA) Paring Knife & Potato Peeler (2)Na Name (RADA) Paring Knife & Potato Peeler (5) ~~Steel Sahlute fellow knife users!


Have you ever heard of RADA Cutlery Knives? Me neither, at least not until my sister in-law shared her zealous passion for her favorite potato peeler and paring knife with me!


You’ll look forward to peeling potatoes! Really?
The vegetable Peeler (potato, cucumber, carrot) which my sister in-law has never sharpened (can one actually sharpen a peeler?) is her hands-down favorite (of the 3 she has) after 10+ years of use!
She enthusiastically proclaims, with this peeler…..”You’ll want to peel potatoes!”  I always thought of peeling potatoes as more of a prison sentence! lol

Even though I was dumb-founded by how the no frills looking vegetable peeler and paring knife could create such a strong conviction and loyalty, I eventually decided to pursue the status of “reseller” for Rada Cutlery.  Thus, I’m now selling this no-name (no markings of any kind anywhere on RADA Cutlery products, except the sharpener) line of kitchen cutlery because people want them, or so I’ve been told by other family members and the RADA Cutlery website.  Contact me to order.

And everybody said….AMEN!!!
In addition to being razor sharp and embarrassingly affordable, these silver handled kitchen & steak knives are made in the U.S.A. (Iowa) and come with a Lifetime Warranty! It’s exactly what every red-blooded, fist-pumping American purist wants – made in the USA, works flawlessly, lifetime warranty, and affordable (it’s not proper sales protocol to use the word that begins with “c” and ends with heap, that’s why I used affordable).  AMEN!

We Americans are addicted to name brand stuff, but …….
Want to know my main beef with these no-name kitchen knives?  Yup – no name! No name stamped on the paring, peeling, steak, boning, serrated slicer knives anywhere. The only item I’ve seen with a RADA logo is the sharpener.  We Americans are spiritually connected to our favorite brands….and I dig that because I am too! I’m now committed to the best no-name brand line of kitchen cutlery which just so happens to be upwards of 90% LESS than the well-known brand name kitchen sets!
Hit me with some electronic mail if you have any questions or would like to purchase!!

Steel Spirit Sahlute!
Scott Rauber

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