Ever since I saw Outdoor Edge Knives were a sponsor for Spirit of the Wild Outdoor show with Ted Nugent as the commander in charge, I've wanted to indulge in this product.  Well, here's the sparks!

African Babinga Wood Handle – LOVE IT!

I love, love, love this knife.  I love wood handles.  I love razor sharp durable blades.  I love pocket clip knives. This knife has everything I want in a knife. Oh and dude, the lockback is uptight and outta sight……talk about Suhhhhhhhhhhnap!

Now, off the soap box and onto the bullet points in this knife review.

First off, she's a little stiff to open.  Maybe some erl would help, but that was the first "oh I wish this wasn't so stout in opening" thought.  I have to cock my thumb in order to build in some spring to push the thumb stud upward to expose the blade.  Takes some gettin' used to, but it's rewarding.

Second, the pocket clip is a little flat.  The altitude of the bend that goes over the pocket kneeds to be just a smidge higher so removing the knife from your pocket and putting it in your pocket is a little less resistent.

Thirdly, maybe I'm a little sensitive, but I think the thumb rest on the neck of the knife could be a little smoother.  The ridges are just a smidgin too jagged, IMHO.  I think after skinning an animal your thumb would be pretty raw from these ridges

Being made in China doesn't dim the quality this knife offers.  NO sir.  She's rock solid.  I'll tell ya……for right around $20.00, I'd highly, highly recommend this knife. 

As far as Steel Sahlutes are concerned for my reviews……I give this………………….drum roll please……


8.6 steel sahlutes!

I can see how Uncle Ted stands behind these knives!  BIG blood brother, steel brother sahlute to The Nuge!!

Make it a Christmas gift this season to yourself!! 🙂

Spread the steel spirit my fellow steel brothers!!

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