Steel sahlute fellow knife enthusiasts!!

Knice and chilly (35 degrees) here in west central Florida today!! yes


I scored this Kutmaster, Utica, NY USA 3 blade whittler with delrin scales a coup,e weeks ago in a "lot" purchase.
It's now in the hands of a dear friend, however I wanted to share pics for reference for other whittler/Kutmaster lovers!  
Other than these pics I can not date this knife or tell you anything else.  

Kutmaster Utica NY USA Whittler Knife

Kutmaster Utica NY 3 Blade Knife

Kutmaster Utica NY 3 Blade Knife.JPG Kutmaster 3 Blade Camillus 72 pattern Kutmaster Utica Camillus 72 3 blade whittler Kutmaster whittler knife USA Kutmaster Delrin handles knife Camillus 72 pattern






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Steel respect!