There's something empowering about knowing the pocket knife (or pocket knives) you carry, can potentially rescue you from a situation that could be overcome by your trusty friend.  A friend?  That's exactly what your Schrade Old Timer knife is, isn't it?  It's your friend.  Or, your Victorinox Swiss Army knife?  It's your compadre.  You, and I, have counted on them on numerous occasions, sometimes many times each day, to; open a box, trim an out of control nose hair, cut fishing line, clean our nails, and whittle a twig for roasting  marshmallows, etc.  Your pocket knife makes your life easier.

Some pocket knife enthusiasts collect for the sake of owning knives such as: Case, Camillus, Remington, Schrade, Spyderco, SOG, Benchmade, and thousands of other brands.  There are others who seek out those who don't
mass produce knives, such as knives by:  Stan Wilson, Brian Tighe, Murray Carter, and countless other knife craftsman.

You might gain satisfaction by being the owner of limited production, or collectible pocket knives.  Or, maybe pondering the journey of a fixed blade Schrade #148, and antique pocket knives brings you fulfillment.  And yet, some expect nothing more from their knife than the ability to cut something. 

Whether you like folding pocket knives, fixed knives, or multitools, USA made or imported, there's something about "belonging" to a group of fellow knife enthusiasts, lovers of the steel.