Spyderco, Swiss Army, CRKT, Zippo, Gerber, Schrade Knives


Let's kick off this Pocket Knives Blog with a quick list of my EDC's.  EDC is an abbreviation for "Every Day Carry" (took me a while to find out what it meant).

Currently, I carry 6 knives in my pockets and on my belt.

1). Gerber Nautilus MultiTool with pocket sheath is attached on my belt.  I carry it     primarily because it has an LED pop-out light.

2). Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife.  I mean really, how does one survive life's basic demands?  How would you pick your teeth, cut a nose hair, cut fishing line, cut thread on a garment, tighten something, or file a ripped nail without this life-necessary device.  IMHO, it's one of life's best inventions.

3). Zippo Money Clip Knife.  Another multi-use knife that sits in the same pocket as the VIC SAK. (Victorinox Swiss Army Knife).

4). A knife with a pocket clip.  At this moment it's a CRKT Kommer Fulcrum Black Blade (Columbia River Knife & Tool www.crkt.com).  This knife was a gift, and I absooooooolutely l-o-v-e the way it opens.  I do rotate out a made in the U.S.A. Camillus frame knife that I love because, well, it's made here and it represents a stake in American knife history.

5). Schrade Old Timer 108OT.  Here's another knife that screams quality in American craftsmanship.

6). Spyderco Credit Card Knife.  This crafty piece of metal fits right in between my credit cards and cash stash.  It's hard to find due to Spyderco discontinuing it.