My wife's uncle is the managing owner/partner of Xuron.  They are an American manufacturer of hand tools. 

While visiting him last summer we stopped into the factory and he gave us a tour and handed me the Split Ring pliers: (#496)

I tossed it in my shelf and thought nothing of it really.

Today, I had a stubborn blade that didn't want to open and I busted off my nail trying to do so.  Dang nab it….that hurt!!
What have I got to lift this sumbich out of it's hole I thought.  Let me see what's in this sleeve my wife's uncle gave me….

I grabbed the nose portion into the nail mark and pulled up and WHAMO…worked like a freakin' charm.

If you are sick and tired of bustin' off your thumb nail trying to extract a corroded blade from it's cave, getcha some of dese here pliers!!

American made thru and thru! Woot!