Happy Friday fellow Steel Brothers!

As promised here is my review for Quick Release Oil

Phenomenal! Seriously, it's harder to find a better way to describe the results this lubricant produced.

How this review went down.  I happened to obtain a Schrade Old Timer 33OT pocket knife, made in the USA, at a garage sale this morning. 
By the lack of snap and life in the steel blades I determined this rascal was a primo candidate for a test. 
Actually, just between you and me, I thought; no way is this Quick Release Oil gonna revive this tired hound dog. 

So, I carefully tested the lock and spring in each of the two blades.  Lame.  Yeah, lame, very lame.  There was zilchorama as far as snap back.
There was a lock in the open position, but naddah snap on the close.  Carefully, painstakingly I tested this.  OK, it wasn't really painful, but I did pay very close attention.

I dropped on drop in each joint.  No more. No less.

Now, pivot the pocket knife blades back and forth a few times.  Rest.  Take a puff on the cigar. 

Now, pivot back and forth and await the miraculous snap back that is supposed to occur.

No WAY, I proclaimed to my knife and cigar.  There's no way this knife now has snap back, but, but……it does!
Eyowzah!! Yabba Dabba DO! WOW, that's downright impressive.

I've got a shipment of organized steel (aka pocket knives) due in today!  Guess who they're gonna have a run-in with?

Now, my 2 cents on the packaging.  When I saw this tube I immediately flashed back to my reel lubricating endavors and remembered how the
tip on the tube never released the oil.  I was a little hesitant when I saw this same style tube being used for Quick Release Oil. 

Again, I was surprised as this tube functions properly.  It release one drop with little or no squeezing.  Then put the red cap back on and your neat and clean, and spic and span until the next call for duty.

Listen, I highly recommend this lubricant.  Highly.  It revived the steel snapping life back into this OLD TIMER.  And I'm not referring to me 🙂

Quick Release Oil gets a monstuh Steel sahlute!