Ranger Longhorn Folding Hunter Lockback Knife by Colonial Knives LB 125

According to my late 1990’s Colonial catalog this beast weighs in at 8 ounces.  That’s like carrying a Porterhouse Steak on your hip. Ooooof
I opened and closed the knife numerous times to check for suhmooooth operation.  Check!

The knife walks and talks like a new knife.  No wobble.  Sharp as a razor. Check.

“Popped pinhead bubbles” on bolsters. Check.

Wha……………………..Wait, ………………let me, ……………..what the……. 😮

Maybe there is a flaw, or was a flaw in production.  I know who’ll know.
Email mafia, is what I call having a wireless Italian friend who knows somebody, who knows somebody who can….you know….get the answers……ya know what I’m sayin’? 

I’m an email mafia friend with Robert (Bobby) Paolantonio, grandson of one of Colonial Knives original founding fathers Frederick. Ka-peesh?  So I think, why don’t I contact Bobby about the “popped pinhead bubbles” on the bolsters.

Here’s what Bobby said:
You have just touched on a BIG problem that I speak about in my book…THIS is why I think plated bolster's was a complete disaster!! GO BACK AND READ MY BOOK!! Casting and plating…If we blanked or molded the bolster's ourselves, we could scrap the bad N. Silver and re-form new bolsters from the scrap!! Now you know why I am so pissed off when they went to plating!!

Scott, I saw thousands and thousands, and thousands of those bolster's come in with bad plating, and they ended up in the trash!! ALL A COMPLETE WASTE!! THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!! OUT THE WINDOW!!

Well, there. Now, how’s that for a bit of insider secrets on Colonial Knives I didn’t expect to receive!  Wooooooah!

Robert Paolantoio's document on Colonail Knife can be found at:

Allright, back to the knife.

It’s so fun scoring what appears to be a NEW vintage (NOS – New Old Stock) in factory original box, ya know?
The handles appear to be sawcut delrin.
Carbon Steel blade
Leather Sheath stamped RANGER
Tang stamp on blade reads:
Ranger LB 125
8 ¾” OAL (Overall Length open)

What really intrigues me is the box which displays the diagrams of building the knife.  I just think that is the Steel Strength! 

The info on Colonial Knives continues to be unveiled…..

Steel Sahlute!