It's very cool when a reader contacts you and THANKS YOU for information they gleaned from a post!


Tis' the case with Jake Starr of 


Jake read my post on switching handles on a Victorinox Swiss Army knife, enjoyed it, and as a bonus asked if I would
be interested in reviewing some of his gear. I checked his site and then provided my mailing address. 



So, here we go……a Review of the Recycled Firefighter Wallet made of recycled fire hose called "The Sargeant."

***PLEASE NOTE*** I never used this as a wallet, except for a knife wallet.

Every day I used this wallet I carried a knife in it on my belt. I carried a number of different knives (as can be seen in the
pics below). 

And it worked perfectly as a knife carrying device. It kept the knife standing straight up.  

The only curve ball I had was once a larger bodied knife had been carried in this wallet for a while it took it's form.
Meaning if I slipped a smaller bodied knife in, it wasn't flexible to secure the knife.  I'm sure I could have placed the
wallet under a heavy object for a few days to flatten it, but I just kept placing bigger knives inside. 

Size is 3 3/4" high by 2 1/2" wide and feels durable.  It's sleek and sturdy.
I gave one to a friend of mine who I noticed was carrying his credit cards and cash with a rubber band.  He immediately
began to use it and likes it!

Not a lot of "fancy" in this piece of gear, but a lot of UMPH.  

I definitely recommend it as a way to EDC your folding knife.

Much respect to Jake Starr, who by the way, makes each item in his shop by hand!!!  

Scott Rauber 



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