Steel Sahlute Steel Shapers!!

So, a couple months ago I end up with this KENT NY CITY Pruning knife.  Someone has cut out a square right in
the curve of the blade…..not sure what they were thinking, but it was what it was.  

KENT CITY PRUNER lot1.24.15 005

Traditionally KENT knives don't sell for reasonable amounts…..most of the time they're very inexspensive…..which is shocking
because they were made by Camillus…..I guess it's just that they looked cheap.  (see completed lisitings on ebay to see what I mean if you don't know).

Anyhow, after wondering the what the heck to do with this knife I decided to break out a file and a pair of wire cutters.


knife rework 001 - Copyknife rework 004

Yes sir, no power tools used to complete thie reprofiling.


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Steel Sahlute!