Happy Knife Day steel lovers!!


I received an email from a fellow who had a Professional wrestlers name…..

JAKE STAHHHHHHHHHHHHR (actually it's just Starr) but I thought it sounded
like a pro wrestler about to battle Ric Flair!! 

Anyhow, this dude contacts me and thanks me for a post I made on restoring old knives,
because he plans on rebirthing his dad's knife!  Epic! 


In the email he asks if I'd be open to reviewing some of his homemade recycled firefighter
gear www.RecycledFirefighter.com . I quickly click on his website link (like you just did) and 
thought to myself……yeah, these repurposed military boots and fire hoses look interesting.


A couple days later….a package arrives.  I'll post a conclusion as time goes by, but know I'm carrying
the Sargeant Wallet on my belt as a sheath for my WorkKnife as I'm reviewing that as well.

DSCN3754 Recycled repurpose fire hose RecycledFirefighter Belt Sheath Knife Wallet DSCN3733


Stay tuned, subscribe, and be cool (after all summer is here in Florida) frown