The proverbial humpback whale of knives, the Zero Tolerance ZT 0121 fixed blade, has splashed into central Florida for an exhibition and demonstartion!! Jump on the back and let's go for a ride!

Let's start with a pic of what IS capable of fending off a humpback whale!!

Ranger Green Fixed Blade, Cord Cutter
Overall Length – 8"
Blade Length – 4.25"
Steel – S30V stainless-steel with Tungsten DLC coating
Handle – 3D machined G-10
Weight – 9.2 ounces
Kydex (r) Sheath with Molle compatible, multi-carry configuration.
BONUS – Comes with copious amounts of UMPH!

Do you see yourself surviving, stranded in the forest, with this knife? Ohhhhhhhh yeah!  No worries.  Right!
 I'm looking for a forest to get lost in and test it out as we speak!  BUT, since I am surrounded by black top and concrete, I'll have to PRETEND this knife is my only cutting tool, and……….I'm hungry.

Off to the kitchen I go.  Stay tuned.  You're gonna getcha some bonus cooking show coverage!

Hmmmmmm, how perfect; leftover steak. Hmmmmm.  Yeah, that'll work to feed my belly, but I'd like to cut it into bite size strips and convert this into a sammich.  Then, use some of the steak fat to lather up the frying pan, slap some Mayo on bread, and top with a few tomatoe slices.  You hungry?

See pics for cutting and cooking demonstration using my new Zero Tolerance fixed blade:

The magnificent performance this knife rendered in the above illustrations isn't what this whale of a knife was cut out for.  I understand,  but in a survival situation……you gotta dance with who you came to dance with. 

There's more to come…………………I'm splitting wood this weekend!!

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