Not long ago while gazing my Blades Guide to Knives and Their Values I discovered that Robeson Knives were from Rochester, NY.  Being a former Rochesteronian myself that naturally peaked my interest.

One of the eBay "lots of knives" I apprehended contained a just such a piece of steel from the ROBESON factory. 

Here she is:

What really sharpens my steel is the tang stampings.  Based on the info I gather at two different sources: and it appears that this knife was made between 1917 and 1939.  That's the steelasaurus rex to me!  Love vintage knives!

In my limited knowledge of steel and pocket knives I wonder if this is a traditional Electricians knife?  What makes me riddled is one of the two blades on an electricians knife has a flat head tip.  This one does not as you can see. One more point that makes me question this electricians knife is the fitting where the spring is for that blade.  It doesn't fit flush.  It's raised a smidge making a fit that isn't perfect leading me to question if alterations have been inflicted.  We'll never know…….but one thing for sure, is the tang stamping dates at least one blade to 1917 to 1939.

For more about the history of The Robeson Cutlery Co read more at this link:

Steel sahlute to the steel spirit!
Scott Rauber