The title makes you think your chomping on some beefy steak doesn't it?  Weighing in at 4.5 ounces at 5" CLOSED, and just a smidge over 9" long in the OPEN, she's a heffer too! 



A friend on a knife discussion board (forum) asked me what Rough Rider I'd like to review.  He sent me a pic and this is the knife I selected.
So, here we go.

First impression…………….ohhhhhhhhhhh good Lord have mercy……I L-O-V-E the brown sawcut bone scales (handles).  They're masculine and artistic.  A work of art in my opinion.

Now, onto the size…….let me put it this way – Kinda makes you feel like a grizzly bear at a  putty tat convention.  It's grizz-a-saurus!  It is. Over 9" long in the open position. 

It's made in China as stated on tang stamp. 
Knife is tight. 
No wobble.  
Nickle silver bolsters.
Rock solid half stop and slip joint.  As a matter of fact, let me give you this WARNING – when you insert your thumb in the "nick" and begin to open be ready for a half stop that will jolt you.  Serious.  Almost ripped my thumb nail off a couple times.  (Good thing I don't exaggerate , huh?)
440 Razor Sharp stainless steel blade (even says that on the blade).  And yes, I agree!

Put together well, or it appears to be.  Lines are symetrical. Smooth. Tight.  Precise.  For the money, it's money!

Here's my bone to pick with the Grizz.  It's too dad gum big to carry.  It's huge.  I did carry it in my pocket for a few days and use it for numerous lite cutting exercises and it functioned as a sharp knife should, but it sat cockeyed in my pocket. 

Then when you open it…..dude… feel like you should be fighting a grizzly bear, and with this knife you have the confidence to kick it's A$$!!!! Just sayin'.  Knot trying to condone a battle with a grizzly bear here folks……

Ok, back to fighting cardboard boxes.

Another drawback is the half-stop when opening the knife.  It's stout.  It'll hurtcha.  It'll rip your thumb nail off.  It takes 2 capable hands to open.

It's a little too cumbersome to be considered for the EDC (Every Day Carry) rotation, IMO (In My Opinion). 

I do love the handles tho. 

Allright, let's score this grizz…..

I gotta deduct a little for being an import…..not that there's anything wrong with that, just that USA made products naturally are a bonus.
I gotta deduct a little for the size.
I gotta deduct a little for the thumb ripping half stop.

On the other hand……..
I gotta add a little for the brown sawcut bone handles
I gotta add a little for the price (under 20 bucks)
I gotta add a little for the confidence to properly defend yourself in a grizzly bear fight. (jk)

I gotta tell ya, Rough Rider makes some solid knives.  I have a barlow I am reviewing as well….

And one more thing; if I were going on a camping trip, this knife WOULD BE in my backpack. Oh yeah!

I score this knife…………………………………………..

8.9 Steel Sahlutes!!!!

Fightin' grizzlies,