Razor sharp steel greetings steel brothers!

I stole the razor sharp portion of my greeting from the printing on the Rough Rider Premium Wood Laser Etched Bolsters Lockback Knife that I've been abusing for this review. 

Let me give a quick shout out to those of you who are forward thinking enough to do a little Christmas shopping early.  A combo deal (flashlight and Rough Rider Knife shipped for less than 20 bucks) that'll have your recipient cherishing your thoughtfullness:
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Ok, back to the knife review.

Ya know, you'd think it'd be easy to uncover imperfections in a $10.00 knife.  They oughta stand out like an inflamed zit, right?  Yeah, one would think.
Then, to put a stranglehold on your "too cheap to be good" thought process, you just have to look at the knife …..

Sheesh, you could simply display this knife and knever use it and people would think you had a "high dollar" knife in your collection.

The knife is described as having "premium wood" handles.  Knot sure what that means, but they look impressive.  The laser etching on the bolsters is outta sight!  Really, how would you score the overall appearance?  I know, I know……looks aren't everything, or so they say ;)

The first cutting exercise I executed was the tip of my cigar.  Money!  I cut numerous prioroity mail boxes like paper. 
Oh, and yes, I cut paper too.  Money!
I really wasn't overly concerned about the cutting capabilites of this Rough Rider Knife as the memory of cutting carpeting into 12" widths with my Rough Rider Barlow a couple months ago was fresh in my mind.  And frankly, Frank, that carput cutting will always be a fond knife memory for me.
These knives are sharp.  No doubt.  And from what I've experienced……they stay sharp and hold their edge.

I did, however, try cutting something new!  A coffee bag:

As you can see, I attached a paracord lanyard to the lanyard hole.  What you may not be able to see is; I first attached a smaller nylon plastic coated rope through the lanyard hole, tied it off, then looped my paracord through that rope because the lanyard hole was to small for the 550 paracord.  Providing a lanyard hole that can't accomodate the standard paracord was caused the tilted head look your dog gives you?

That kinda winds me down towards another little glitch in this knife.  The release sticks a little.  There's not a perfectly smooth action when you press down on the exposed thumb release.  It's hard to describe…..and it's knot a big deal.  It's just a minor zit, on the scale of knife evaluations!

Which leads us to the wrap-up of the review.

It's imported from China.
This is the third Rough Rider Knife I've reviewed and I'm still blown away by the value for the money.  B-L-O-W-N A-W-A-Y!!

Requires two hands to open.  Most of you know when I grade on accessibility, I'm referring to the effortlessness in accessing and opening the knife with as little effort as possible.

Because of the low sellling price, I guess there may some day be (kind of like vintage shell handled Hammer Brand/Imperial knives who were inexspensive) a collector's market for them, but that isn't a consideration now.  However, the knife  displays well!!

VALUE – 10.0
(see above comments 🙂 )

FIT & FINISH – 10.0
(see above pics 🙂 )

Lanyard hole too small.
Release lock knot smooth.

OSSS (Overall Steel Sahlute Score) = 9.0 


Steel Sahlute to Rough Rider!!