Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, Houston, we got a problem with this cigar cutting barlow brethren folding pocket knife. 

What'sthe problem? 

Well, uhhhhh, well, errrrrrrr……knothing I guess. Shoot.  What'd I start now?   

Well, maybe it's a spiritual steel problem for me……

Ok, I fell for this knife like I was hit by a right uppercut from ROCKY. The acorn shield attracted me.  You know the word "tobacco" in the suhmoooooth bone description teased me.  You know the barlow brotherhood swept me off my feet.  And, as a well trained money -crucnhin'-cheap-skate, you know, oh you know so well……………………………….that I had to bite.  Dude, I was like a starving largemouth bass eyeing a texas-rigged junebug worm during pre-spawn.  CHOMP!! 

Before I ramble anymore, here's the first pic this knife posed for:

Are ya with me now?  Can you feel the connection?  Good.  Let's carry on. 
The real problem is the quality of knife for the little amount of money.  There.  I said it.  I mean, how can you knot fall in love with this knife for less than $15.00 shipped to your lazy butt?  Really. 


It says RAZOR SHARP and frankly –  it is!  Well, knot "razor" sharp, but it's hard to tell it ain't if your a casual knife enthusiast.
I took posession of this bone-wrapped beauty a little over a month ago (mid Dec. 2011).  At this moment, I just completed the cutting-hair-on-arm test. Performed like a meat slicer at Wegman's!! 

And, oh yeah, that's after my wife asked me to cut up this void credit card ( I performed a arm hair cut after….see hair laying on paper):

In addition to the credit card cut-tp, arm hair cutting test, I've also executed standard operartions such as paper cutting and box cutting.  Nothin major, but she delivered the spoils each request!!

Moving the review right along….

It's made in China
Item# is: RR783
440 Stainless Steel
Nickel Silver bolsters
Stainless Steel springs
Brass liners and pins

The fit and finish is magna-beautiful.  Everything is water-tight and outta sight!

The snap is knot painful. I gotta tell ya, I am KNOT a fan of the opening that busts off your nail.  This is smooth, but tight.  It's right.

I don't know. …………………….I'm diggin' here.  I'm, I'm……trying to find imperfections.  Really.  I am.  I mean, when I bought this knife for $13.00, my thought was to destroy it.  You know, abuse it so I could demonstrate how and where the cheapness could be seen.

I ain't seein' it.

And to make matters worse for me, it has an acorn shield.  Acorns represent the peace and tranquility of nature to me.  The spirt of the woods if you will…..

I'm shaking my head attempting to convince myself this isn't the best pocket knife.  Technically, there' knothing wrong with it.

And then, to test the knife further, yesterday, my brother in-law had to dispose of some old carpeting…..it was a piece 12' x 16' or something.  I cut it in 1 foot strips , with this RR, so we could fit it into garbage bags.  I just can not believe how well this $13.00 knife performed.  Unbelievable.
Here's where the decimal points can be shaved of.

#1 – Collectibility.  Unfortunately, because of the low price, demanding a higher price in 20, 30 or 40 years is probably out of the question. 
#2 – Accessibility Factor – To me the perfect knife includes one-hand opening, and abviously this pocket knife requires two hands.  That's my opinion. Makes you wonder how I'd grade knives before one-heand opening was invented doesn't it?

Anyhow, on to scoring this tobacco bone barlow knife.


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By the way, knot that it hinges the score one way or the other but I carried this knife on my belt in a leather sheath,

Steel Sahlute to Rough Rider!!