SARGE 4 Blade Scout Utility Knife SK-434 Review

Sarge 4 Blade SK-434 Knife (2)











First thoughts……surprisingly sharp straight out of the box for a China made knife.

SARGE 4 Blade Scout Utlility Knife 009










Scales – Birchwood
Steel – 440C Stainless
Camp Knife SK -434
Blades – Spear point (main blade) flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, awl,
Closed – 3 ¾”
Main blade – 2 ½”
Weight – 3 Oz.


The TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality.  5.0

All blades have side-to-side play, and the screwdriver/cap lifter feels like it’s going to fall off it’s so loose – without using the knife….this is how it came out of the box – NEW!

Liners have small space between.

Main blade rubs screwdriver/cap lifter blade or vice versa.  Screwdriver/caplifter blade is loose, loose, loose.  I’ve never experienced that on any knife, let alone one straight out of the box – NEW! You can actually crest it on top of the closed main blade….that’s how loose it is, and how much side-to-side play there is.
Sarge 4 Blade SK-434 Knife (3)

The Birchwood handles look knice.

Center pin on pile side (opposite main side) is not flush.   Neither is the shield.

Difficult to grab the nail nick on the main blade as most of the nick is hidden behind the screwdriver blade.  It really takes focus to see what you are grabbing, as opposed to most other scout/utility knives where just getting your thumb on the main blade in the area of the nick will allow you to grab it firmly!

Value- 5.0
These are offered for sale in the $20.00 range.  Honestly, if it were me, knowing what I know about scout/camp/utility knives, I’d head over to ebay and buy an Imperial or Hammer Brand Kamp King for less.  Much better made knife and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better steel.   And, with a little research you can find a purty knice Kamp King for LESS than $20.00.  That’s my take.


Collectibility –5.0
Somehow (based on the licensing fees I’m sure) this company was authorized to use the official Boy Scout shield on this pattern knife.  Now, if I were a Boy Scout knife collector I might consider obtaining one of these.  Other than that I see no collector value in these pocket knives.


Accessibility – 7.0
Well, first off, it’s not a pocket clip knife, which as you all know is my favorite kinda knife!  I am carrying this knife in a leather belt sheath on my belt.  So, it’s accessible but not as accessible as a pocket clip.

Next, the nail mark (where you insert your finger nail to life the blade from its resting spot) is slightly difficult to grab.  I just compared it to grabbing the main blade from my 1974 Case 640045 scout/utility and even though there was minimal nail mark clearance as well on the Case knife, I was able to lift the blade.


I’ll tell ya something I’ve yet to experience……….It takes the fun out of a knife review, when you know you’re reviewing an inferior product.  Thus I didn’t do as an extensive review of this knife….I just didn’t want to carry it…..and I guess that sums up the whole spirit of a knife doesn’t it?


Final STEEL SAHLUTE Score……………………5.5 Steel Sahlutes!