Recently I purchased a "lot" on the bay (aka eBay) and this trecherous little wascally wabbit was part of the spoils!
I eagerly awaited the arrival of this rocket pocket knife!   Oh yeah,"rocket" is the proper steel brother terminology for the Ken Onion SpeedSafe torsion bar. Ough! Ough! Ough!

Ya know……..I like to smoke cigars. Part of the intrigue behind this suuhhhhhhhhhmokin knife is that the aluminum handle features a double-anodized smoking process. Not exactly sure what all that metal talk means but it translates into……NO 2 are exactly alike, and especially when it is paired with real SMOKE:

Ooops, almost forgot….this is in the "pocket knife review" section. 
It's made in the U.S.A. – steel sahlute!
It's an assisted opening rocket knife – steel sahlute!
It's S-H-A-R-P! – steel sahlute!
It's in some way connected to cigar smoking! – Double steel sahlute!

I give this knife a 9.5 out of 10 steel sahlutes!!

The Kershaw Baby Boa is my knew little bff! Whoooo Ahhhhhhhhhh!! 

I highly recommend this knife as a collectible or an EDC.  Kershaw makes stellar products.

Purchase right here: