Steel-O-Rama-Magna-Crusher!  I don't if those words actually pertain to the moose-stopping power captured in this American made folding piece of argh…argh…..argh….steel, but when you lock open the blade the natural reaction is to release guuuurrrrunt.  Just is.

Unfortunately Schrade (American made) went out of business a few years back and this knife has not been made since 1997 but if you dream of a security blanket for the outdoors, log on to eBay and getchya one.  You will not be dissappointed.  Keep in mind, when they were discontinued back in 1997 the selling price then was 50 bucks. 

Over 5" long WHEN CLOSED this beauty has delrin handles and a linerlock system to keep the staggering sharp steel blade at attention!

Not bad for cigar protection either! 😉

Hey, if you can get one with the leather belt holster – get it……carrying this piece in your pocket could tend to drag a man down…. jk, but get the belt holster if possible! 

How do I rate this pocket knife?  Too big to carry around to graduation or Christmas parties but magnifico for outdoor encounters pertaining to wrestling with bears! Argh! Argh! Argh! 

Steel Sahlute!
P.S. – Speaking of bears, that cigar is a Padilla Black Bear ….