A while back I promised a review on the American classic Schrade Old Timer single blade pocket knife – 12OT (http://pocketknivesblog.com/upcoming-pocket-knife-reviews/ ) Sorry.  I forgot.  But fear not fellow faithfaul followers, cuz here we go.

Made by Schrade between 1991 and 2004 this is the 'handy dandy' when it comes to pocket knives.  It's small and strong like the tazmanian devil.  The delrin handles are so powerful in representing the spirit of American made cutlery and pocket knives it's impossible to avoid the Old Timer pocket knife lore.

Even though these can be obtained on a regular basis on eBay, it's too dang bad that this pocket knife company no longer is hammering out these steel classics.  If you've never owned one, you should. Even if your mac-daddy tactical knife rules your knife cutting excercises, you owe it to yourself to grab ahold of a classic.  It's kinda like ESPN Classic…..every once in a while…you gotta experience history.

Steel Sahlute to Schrade!