This knife reminds me of the 1970's cartoon character, Mighty Mouse.   Small and powerful.

Steel Sahlute fellow Schrade knives enthusiasts!!!

If you're familiar with vintage USA made Schrade knives, you'll know this is essentially the smaller version of the 194OT which also has a linerlock that slips in front of the blade when it is open to prevent it from closing.  Comes with the indestructible delrin handles.  Gosh, I love these. 

Made between 1979 and 2004 this knife retailed for $22.95 (probably the 2004 price) and can still be had today at reasonable prices…..and I'm talking about the USA made versions, not the imports. Occassionally I come across them.  If you want me to keep an eye out for you, drop me an email!

The most comprehensive web site regarding Schrade knives is:

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Schrade Steel Sahlute!!