A Schrade Steel Sahlute to start this day!!

The first time I handled one of these delrin-handled, dogleg jack, put the hammer down, 2-blade, made in the US of A, pocket knives I thought it had a "chip" in it next to the pen blade.  DUH……it was an "easy open" slot.  How cool is this I pondered?  (Actually I was initially a little peeved cuz I thought the individual sold me a chipped handle knife…….I is a high school gradcheeate after all).

None the less, or greater for the more, or whatever…….

Here are some pics of the folding knife that was available for only 10 years from 1986 – 1996.

You can see the easy open slot here in this pic:

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 Small but hearty is the made in the USA Schrade 72OT.  Not to assume that every reader of this impactful blog is a knife veteran…..Schrade USA went out of business and these knives are know part of the Taylor Brands offering, and imported from outside the US.

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