Rocket man (click to listen for background music.

The more Schrade knives I handle the more I'm impressed.  Serious. 
(I have to drop this in……you do know, there are still plenty of USA Schrade workers hand-crafting knives in the USA today, right?  They now work for Canal Street Cutlery Co in Ellenville, NY in the old Schrade factory……, if you're the fan of Schrade knives I am, you can still linger in the Schrade craftsmanship by purchasing Canal Street Cutlery knives…..just sayin' ).

As you can see this knife has seen some love from extensive USE.  Oh yes, I think this stud was used by THOR for hammering rivets in the wings of rocket ships!  Knot only does it look like it was used to pound something, but it's sturdy enough for most any mission THOR might
encounter.  And at just a little over 8" in length when open, it weighs 8 ounces   

Sit tight.  I gotta make a shout out here:

Back a few months ago I received some Quick Release Oil in exchange for a review (click to see review).  When I removed this knife from it's transportation package it was evident she was neglected.  When I positioned the blade in the closed position (knot open) and held it upside down, facing the ground, the blade would actually open ("rise") out from the liners about 3/8" of an inch. 

I'm like……….what the?  The blade just slips out when turned upside down?  Is it supposed to do that? Can't be.  To make matters worse, when in the open position, and I shook the knife back and forth it rattled.  Just a smidge…..but it rattled.  Oh boy, I thought, this knife is a real junker. 

Oh well, let me apply a drop or two of the Quick Release Oil.  (Wish I'da taken a pic before I applied the drops).

Eeeeeeeeeeeyowzah!!!! Or better yet, Yabba Dabba DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  This knife is now uptight and outta sight.  Serious dude. It's a miracle I'm tellin' ya.  Don't let Earnest Angley know about this…. 😉

Anyhow, Quick Release Oil earns EMPOREROUS Steel Sahlutes!!

Back to the Schrade 7OT.  See how it dwarfs my Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife?

Holding it in your hand is linke holding a railroad spike, no wonder THOR possibly used this knife.  Well, ok, maybe knot.

I have this thunderous knife listed on eBay right now if you're interested.  Auction ends Dec. 9, 2011 early in the morning:

Steel Sahlute THOR-like steel brothers!!