It's no secret I've been steel spirit smitten this past year!  Well, this pocket knife has smitten mightily. 

I'm soooooo excited about this vintage knife I can barely type!!

I'm knot exactly why this simple, but splendid, single blade pocket knife catches my steel fancy, but it does.  Possibly because linerlock has foreshadow of tactical knives?  Maybe because the style is "gunstock"?   Maybe because it's those and handcrafted proudly in the USA? 

I carry it on my Ducks Unlimited (DU) Schrade sheath and it's just ohhhhh-lahhhhhhhhh-lahhhhhhh.

(Close up pic of the Linerlock)

Close up pic of the spring and liners.  =)

Obviously this is a previously experienced knife.  I won it in a "lot" of knives on eBay.  I'm soooooooooo happy this knife was looking for a KNEW friend 🙂

Details – 
Gunstock (refers to shape of handle)
Trapper Lockblade
Manufactured by Schrade from 1976 until close of factory in 2004.

Speaking of Schrade, you all know where many former employess work now don't you?  Canal Street Cutlery in Ellenville, NY. Yes sir. If you want USA made knives, handcrafted by former Schrade employees…….you can view thier knives on this site: 

Stay in the steel spirit!

Below is the current version, made overseas (China), offered by Taylor Brands: