Schrade Uncle Henry Review Mini Pro Hunter PH2N


Carried first time Sep. 10, 2019 (also the date of purchase) I obtained this from a pawn shop for $10.00!!!! 


I’ve used this Mini Pro Hunter for a number of tasks and each time it delivers a smooth cut just as you would expect any knife to do. 


Ok, this part is personal. I this small fixed blade knife. I now can carry (on my belt) a fixed blade knife that doesn’t hang down to my pocket making it barely visible. I like that I don’t have to carry a full size fixed blade. 


Just redid the edge today 11/16/19


 It also fits perfectly in my hand and because the knife is small 6 ¾” overall length (OAL) I feel the blade (just a smidge over 2 1/2″ usable inches) is almost a part of my hand and no power is lost in the use. Does that make sense?  When I use a standard fixed blade knife say like a Case 365-5 or my Condor Bushlore knife I feel like half of the blade gets very little use. On this Schrade PH2 I feel like all of the blade is in use and in 



Staglon Handles

Nickel Silver Guard

7Cr17MoV Steel comparable to 440A 

Full Tang


Had to put new edge 1/6/2020


I’m simply blown away by this small fixed blade knife. It’s just, yeah, I know…a cheap import. I know, believe me, I’ve been trying to convince myself it’s no good and will fail and crumble in my hands,,,,but dang nabbit, this knife is mowin’ down each task I put in front of it. And it’s crushing each time!


Making wooden spoons and forks over the past few months I’ve whittled mils of shavings and curls, so if you are into woodcraft, bushcraft, making tinder, etc this knife performs amazingly over and over!!


You’ll see I noted dates when I sharpened the knife.  I also hone it in between uses on a leather strop to keep the edge keen!! 


Bottom line…..if I don’t have this imported Mini Pro Hunter Schrade Uncle Henry on me, I WANT IT ON ME!!!! 


But, I didn’t like the sheath, so I am using a different one. The reason I didn’t like the stock sheath was because it is too difficult to get the knife in and out…….

Thanks for reading. If you’d like this knife: