When it comes to Schrade Knives, ducks, cigars and the great outdoors I'm ALL IN!!

I just bought this handsome slick scrimshawed barlow on eBay and I'm gonzo over it.


For some reason the printing on the blade is not visible.  It should read: Schrade Scrimshaw, but doesn't.  Actually, if you hold it just right you can see faintly, faintly see the "S" in Schrade but that's it.

From 1984 this knife is  "klas – ik"
Tatuaje Black cigar wasn't bad either 😉

Steel lead shot sahlute my steel brothers (hopefully you picked up on that little reference to duck hunting in that lead shot mention 😉 )
Scott Rauber

Big props to my DU friend Bart, who introduced me to duck hunting 2 years ago.  Thanks my brother!!
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