I steep and bathe in the steel spirit with this knife……..

There's knothing quite like being able to collect wildlife art and knives all in one undertaking! 
As an outdoorsman, knife enthusiast and appreciator of history-rich American companies I steep in the steel spirit with pictured knife!!


 Ready for this?  The handles are simulated whale tooth delrin.  I'm knot exactly sure what that means but the whole whale tooth though shivers me timbers. 

This single blade trapper knife is part of the Schrade Scrimshaw Great American Outdoors Collection.  Epic quality! 

You can find these on eBay.  That's where I found mine, but you have to hope you WIN the bid. 

Here's some insider secret intel. 
While executing some recon on the DropPointHunter.com site I stumbled upon a link to these fabulouso knives.
Dudes, I don't know how many they have of each, but jump on 'em while you can:

Steeped in the steel spirit!!
Scott Rauber

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