Steel Sahlute to camping!  Yes sir, Memorial Day weekend is the official camping weekend of the year! And ya can't go camping without a KNIFE!
Corning Knife Co. Scout 3 blade NY City (2) Colonial Mountain Guide Camp Knife EDC Imperial USA BSA Boy Scouts Single Blade Stainless Knife 009Schrade Old Timer USA 89OT Knife 012Imperial ELK Handle Scout Knife 002










Listed on ebay I have a few that would fit into the camping arena PERFECTLY:

Colonial USA Mountain Guide
Schrade Old Timer USA 89OT (comes with saw blade)
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Camper (comes with saw blade)
Imperial (1956 – 1988) Boy Scout Knife (the BSA insignia and blade etch can no longer be seen because I had it re-handled with Elk Stag)
Corning Scout Knife (Epic piece of knife history)
Imperial Boy Scout Stainless Knife form official Boy Scout Mess Kit (Patent Applied for on back)

Here's the link to the knives for sale:


Steel Sahlute to camping!!!
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