Ok, allright…..I understand this isn't exactly a pocket knife (unless you're wearing painter pants with the narrow pocket on the right leg) in a pocket knives blog. 

I bought this on eBay.  I bought it because it reminded me of my father….it looked like what I remembered him carrying when camping, hunting, scouting.  My dad passed away years ago but I'll never forget his love for the outdoors and how he passionately involved my sister, two brothers and I in experiencing the splendor of it's beauty and challenges. 

In addition, this knife represents the time when American craftsmanship and quailty were a way of life, not just something
that was promised.  Stability, confidence, and truth are words that come to mind.

From what I read, this knife is probably from between 1965 (when waffle sheaths were introduced) and 1973 1/2 (when the 148's were
replaced with new designs of the Schrade 49er Series, the 98L and 498S. Can you imagine the journey this piece of steel and leather
has experienced in the last 40+ years?  I wish it could talk.

 Experience the momories and the outdoors!