Schrade Walden NY USA Old Timer 8OT 3 Blade Senior Stockman Knife

Ya just know when you come across a stallion, and this knife is just that.

Steel Sahlute fellow knife collectors!

As usual I scored this knife in a “LOT” purchase.  It needed a little TLC to remove a couple of blemishes, but she’s shined up purdy well now.


The tang stamp dates production between 1946 – 1973 making this knife right at 40 years old at the time of this writing.

I’m posting pics and info for future reference and because I have it listed for sale on eBay.  If this knife speaks to your steel spirit, I’d recommend jumping on it because the “Schrade Walden” versions don’t come along too often.
Here's a link to the ebay auction: Click Here

A little helpful Schrade knife knowledge……On this knife you’ll notice:

stamped on the tang.

What’s the big deal, you ask? 
The item number (8OT) is printed on the BACK of the mark side tang (aka the pile side).
After 1973 the tang stamp included the item number on the same side.

For example the tang stamp, if produced after 1973 would have read:
N.Y. U.S.A.

Here’s a pic of the post 1973 pic of the same knife…..details aren't crystal clear, but you can kind of make out the 8OT as the bottom text that is stamped:

That’s a little help in dating vintage Schrade Knives.

In addition, here’s a tang stamp date chart.