Steel Sahlute fellow sharp lovers!!


A while back I was contacted by the folks at and asked to review their utility knife.
I gladly accepted……what knife guy doesn’t like a shot at working over a sharp edged device?


The first Screwpop Utility Knife I sent back.  Yup, I did.  The reason was, it was difficult to open one-handed and that was the main claim to fame on this fancy box cutter.  I thought we had a failed product and review, but


A month or so later I was informed that they LISTENED to their customers and revised the item to safely open one-handed and they indeed did do so!

screwpop raxor blade review

In addition, it included a magnet on the handle.  I immediately attached these to my keys, because Screwpop also claims to be “The World’s Most Clipable Keychain Tools.”


By the way, stay tuned to the end.


Unfortunately the magnet was attaching itself to my keys like Remora (sucker fish) attaches to a shark, and I had to remove it from my keychain.  No worries, though, I still worked it over for a few months of box cutting.


I did find the innovative design to be much less bulky than say a HUSKY, Dewalt, Snap-On or other utility knives that perform the same function.   


And, as most of you know who frequent this little corner of the Internet world, I like…..I LOVE….ease in opening especially when the use of only one hand is concerned!  That to me, is a major PLUS!

screwpop one hand open screwpop one handopen screwpoponehandopen

screwpop utility keychain knife review

Step 1: Lift lock with pointer finger.
Step 2: Slide blade to desired notch.
Step 3: Close lock with pointer finger.


Oh, did I mention, the bottle opener end?  Nope, I guess I didn’t. Another BONUS of this ALL METAL utility knife.


And…………… the low price of only $6.95 one can justify having a few for the garage, home, work and recreational acrivites!


Yet and still, worry not about having it confiscated by TSA when departing, just throw out the blade and BINGO, you’re golden!


It’s clipable, low profile, slim, magnetic, all metal and multi functional.  


In summary – I wouldn’t have thought a traditional box cutter knife could have used any improvement or tweeks, but now, looking at the others, they appear dinosaur-ish to the Screwpop Utility Knife!


Did you read that last paragraph?


Steel Sahlute to Screwpop!

Scott Rauber