This knife just looks like it should be carried into the junkyard when searching for vehicle parts, in case you get attacked by a black cat.  Knot that that's a bad thing, I just think this knife looks "tactical". 

Linerlock system snaps the blade out and locks it in.  Alum i numinum handle makes it lightweight and fatigues your hand less.

Ya know it's hard to make a cheap knife sound like it's KNOT a cheap knife, but I gotta tell ya even though I am opening and closing, twisting and turning, pushing and pulling on all the moving parts I'm impressed as to how well it functions.  I did that with a Boker Magna Damascus and it literally began to come apart in my hand.  

If you want to cut open boxes and use this knife for evey day use I don't see why it won't perform.  And, it looks tough. 
Dual thumb studs for righties or lefties.

After recently reviewing the Outdoor Edge Pocket Lite skinning knife I was quite relieved to experience one-hand easy opening this knife offers.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh  yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 🙂  Heck, if you want to start it and then flick it open by snapping your arm and wrist it does that well!

Slides on and off the pocket with ease. 

Another imported knife that performs and for under $20.00…..whatda'ya say. ya know. ……..beat it up and buy another one in a couple of years.

Steel sahlute score 8.9 out of a possible 10 steel sahlutes!!

If you want to own one of these rascals click right here (Your purchase through this link helps support my knife habit…….uhhhhhhhhh……errrrrr….my hosting habit, yeah that's it. )