Steel sharpening steel sahlute brothers and sisters!!

Frankly, I like money….and, well, the more the better!  I think every red-blooded American is like me.
So, I wanted to promote and hopefully sell (so I this blog could produce some funds to pay for the hosting) something knife-related that all knife enthusiasts could use.

With me?

Here it is.  The Smith's Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener…….and I love it.  Came in the mail today and I ripped open the package and sharpened 2 knives.

One was the vintage Imperial Kamp King shown below (next to the NEW in the package knife sharpener):

and the other knife was the Great Eastern Cutlery Brazilian Cheery Wood Mini Lockback Hunter which I had taken the edge off cutting off a palm tree branch.
DUDE, let me tell ya, the palm tree branches are mean as steel!!!! We got 'er done though!!

 The Imperial Kamp King needed and edge and the GEC kneeded a fine-tuning.  This sharpener delivered both – PERFECTLY!!

To make matters BETTER, the sharpener is small enough to carry in your pocket, pocketbook, tool box, tackle box, glove compartment, backpack, and so on. 

Steel Sahlute to Smith's!!!

BUY 'em right here –