Stylin' and profilin' comes this SOG Salute!

Where's the beef?  Right here! Yes suh, this knife feels like strength in Texas steers horns.  She's just got umph!

Quick impressions:
Adjustable thumb stud – knice. I already adjusted it, but that didn't remove the hesitation in the blade opening.
Generous thumb grip lockback.  Again, knice, but keep in mind it takes 2 hands to close.  No biggee, just a heads up.
Sharpness – Oh yeah.  If I can cut the tip of my cigar without a rolling up effect occuring, you know it's sharp.
Price is knice.  As an import (China) it's impressive to see what one can aprehend for around $30.00.


Sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlute to the SOG Salute!