I’m on a mission to find the best EDC knife.  I am. 

Steel spirit greetings fellow lovers of the steel!

Recently I sought out and obtained a SOG TWITCH II.  I scored it from a fellow on eBay who claimed it had only been carried once.  I believe he was informing me properly.

Blade – 2.7”
Handle – 3.5”
Weight – 2.6 oz.
AUS 8 Stainless Steel
Machined Aluminum Handles
Assembled in the USA.

I did not know SOG knives were assembled here in the USA.  How knice that is to discover. 

I perform the same cutting exercises with each knife I review, pretty much.

To date, this may be the sharpest knife I’ve reviewed.  YOWZAH!  I say that in the video a number of times…..

Final Thoughts
Accessibility – 8.0
(As indicated the tension of the pocket clip makes it difficult to access easily. In addition, the knife requires the use both hands to close).

Collectibility – 9.0
This can also be termed, resale value.  Most of these SOG knives can be resold for close to their value, condition pending of course.

Fit, Finish & Functionality (We’ll call this The TripleF) 10.0

Steel Sahlute Score 9.0