Heads up fellow steel brothers and sisters……..for a special deal of which I get nothing from. 

I like Canal Street Cutlery Knives, I like Mike Seigel, and I like to link through CSCC, to Schrade Knives of old.  That's it.  I get nah-dah for promoting this.  Just the satisfaction that I'm putting you in front of a good deal, and the knowledge of helping out American made traditional style knives.

There's only 14 of 28 remaining. 
Price is only $79.95 (will be $129.95) after the end of tomorrow (7/13/12).
Here's the link to buy:

BTW, I previously scored the Half Moon Trapper of this knife a perfect 10.0 Steel Sahlutes!

Let me know if you score one of these rascals!
Steel Sahlute !