For some reason I was bent at this knife, from the moment it arrived and I, I don't know……..I wanted to beat it up and make it scream "UNCLE" like I used to do to my little brothers 🙂

Anyhow, on to the Byrd Cara Cara2 knife review!

I actually started a log of what I used this knife for and saved it as a Word Doc.
I won't bore you with what menial cutting tasks I performed, but I will share this pic of some kindling I made:

I shaved and whittled, and shaved and whittled until I thought I had created an adequate pile of shavings to start some fire. Performed quite well actually.  I thought;  "this has potential to be a survival knife."

Oh, wait, wait……………let me back up the Spyderco sleigh, the day before I was splitting some sorta strand-possesed, evil-spirited, wouldn't-split-for-…….. wood.

If you look closely at the pic below you can see where I rested the knife in the wood, under the axe.  I rested it there for the pic.  I was actually cutting strands that could be accessed by the tip of the blade.  It was slightly effective, but it wasn't because the knife wasn't sharp enough, it was because this wood was knastier than me and the knife!! 

 (btw, it took me an hour and half to seperate this wood in two pieces…..and I ain't small).

Allright, back at the ranch, back to knife reality.  At this point of my review I had to re-sharpen the blade.   I swiped it across the sharpening stone a few times and back in business.

When this knife arrived I was startled and caught off guard by how big it was……..almost 5" closed.  For some reason I was expecting something smaller, like my brothers used to be I guess……. LOL


The bar-none, hands-down, absolute, vital and crucial element in a pocket-clip pocket knife is what I call, the "ACCESS FACTOR."  Once removed from your pocket, how quickly can you access the blade into engagement, with as few moves as humanly possible?

Here's my rules for ACCESS FACTOR:

1). Blade sits "tip up" in pocket.  Meaning, when the knife is clipped on your pocket the blade is actually pointing tip up towards the sky.

2). When you approach the knife, as hand enters the pocket, the thumb rests on the handle (scale) of knife directly across from thumb stud or in this case the "eye" or "hole".  (see pic below, this is how the knife resulted in my hand after pulled from my right pocket).

By simply rotating my hand 180 degrees you can see where my thumb is postioned:

And, by moving my thumb into the Spyderco tear shaped hole, I am "accessing" the blade for open.

It's all about being able to access your blade easily and quickly.  A knife where the blade is pointing down while resting in the pocket requires the knife to be re-positioned, thus creating another move to access the blade, thus a slower "ACCESS FACTOR".

Even my Kershaw Baby Boa requires a rotaion of the knife once in my hand and removed from the pocket in  order to access the assited opening

Pocket clip – MONEY.  Easy On. Easy off. Stainless Steel.
Handle – FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) Make knife light in pocket.
Blade – 8Cr13MoV, Sharp outta the box.  Re-sharpend knicely! Stainless.
Lock back – L-O-V-E the grooved thumb lock.  LOVE IT!! Great snap back too.
Cost – Dang it, this knife was extra affordable…….$25.00 out the door, shipping included.
Access Factor – You read it above. MONEY.  It's a HIT, don't give me that…………. (click here to listen to MONEY, Pink Floyd)  

I'm starting to add measurements like "ACCESS FACTOR" to my reviews and as of this knife review I am adding "COLLECTING FACTOR".

As a knife reviewer who studied the art of studying knives extensively at HKU, I always consider this; will this knife sell for close to what I paid for it if I list it on eBay?  In this case, considering the actual moolah I laid out to get this dropped of to me, I think it'll be pretty close to what I paid for it.

Collecting Factor – Very good.

With the implementation of 2 NEW "Factors" in knife reviewing examination for the steel nation I give this knife a score of………………………..


I deducted .02 for being made outside of the USA and .01 for size.

BTW, the knife knever screamed "UNCLE"!!

Steel Sahlute Steel Brothers!!
Have a Merry Christmas!