Fresh off the postmans square truck is this new addition to the family.   A handsome and sleek Spyderco Tenacious Pocket Knife. 
Right now, my review is………I don't know of a better knife for $30.00.  Seriously.  (Sorry…….La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor cigar not included, but it does add to the adventure 🙂 )

Don't hesitate.  Don't delay. Join the Spyderco Steel Brother family and enjoy the experience this beast delivers.

Outside of the low price, and outside of the extreme sharpness, and outside of the mastadon umph this knife delivers, I love it for one more reason.  The thumb stud location.  When you reach into your pocket your thumb is automatically located at discharge central.  No need to flip the butt end up, or flip to the opposite side of the clip.  No sir.  When you pull it out she's ready to be extended.