My prices are reasonable and I ship F-A-S-T as I live less than one mile from the Post Office currently!

Right now I have the following knives listed on eBay:

1). CRKT S-2 Titanium (hard to find especially, at the price I have it listed for)

2). GEC Great Eastern Cutler Sleeveboard Genuine Stag from 2009 (currently there are 13 knifers watching this listing…..somebody better use the Buy It Now option before she’s long gone!).

3). Leatherman Carabiner Knife – This is a stud of a knife.

4). Vintage Robeson Easy Open Jigged Bone 2 blade knife from the 40’s  – Soooooooo suhhhhhhhweet!

5). Colonial Truck Knife – 2 Blades.  Common, but I’m priced very reasonably (can’t really say cheap).

6). SOG Twitch II for $22.00 – Crazy good price!

7). BONUS…..Purchase any of these knives and I’ll bump ya a Mini Gerber Paraframe…..I’ll toss it in with the other knife you win!  Just message me here, or on eBay that you read this and want the freebie BONUS knife as a Steel Sahlute Fan! 

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Steel Sahlute!