Steel Sahlute to the Steel Brother Spirit!

A little while back I found myself in a financial pinch and was forced to sell a few of my fav knives, one of which was my Colonial Old Cutler Barlow by Robert A. Paolantoino.  Bobby, as he prefers to be called, is the author of My Family Business Colonial Knife Company, ,   direct descendent of one of the Colonial Knife company founding fathers, and a darn nice guy.

Somehow I mentioned that I was forced to sell my stag handled Old Cutler and financial woes like that apparently disturbed Bobby as hes found it in his heart to gift me this awesomely beautiful Smith & Wesson Stag Handle Knife.

If my memory serves me correctly, these knives were part of one of the first orders for Bobby’s knife company – Heritage Cutlery.  Unfortunately, Heritage Cutlery wasn’t able to sustain the long run and we fellow knife enthusiasts won’t know the full potential of Bobby’s steel spirit.

HOWEVER, as you can you below, he has seen fit to fill my knife void, with the knife below:



Close up of the stag handle, mark side:

I truly, truly thank you Bobby Paolantonio for your kindness and thoughtfulness. 

A magna Steel Sahlute to infinity and beyond is due you! 

Much respect,