"In order to be old and wise, you first have to be young and dumb."  That 's a quote I gathered from my mechanic knot too long ago as he was referring to a younger person.  Well, safe to say, as I turned 50 last week, I wasn't the young'n!

Now, on the other hand, as one gets more experienced in life (like that) one learns to take better care of their "things."  Taking care of your knife and applying oil to the proper locations is of the utmost importance!!

I'd like to announce, in all steel wisdom and excitement, that I will be offering Quick Release Oil for sale! I have used FAITHFULLY Quick Release Oil on my knives since I started cleaning and maintaining my cutting utensils in the last year. 

I've completed a review on Quick Release Oil and highly, highly recommend it!  It not only earls yer joints, it puts life & SNAP back in  slip-joint knives.  I can not recommened this product enough!!!

I am awaiting my first shipment and should begin shipping early next week!!!

Price is $5.95 per tube + $.2.75 for shipping.  I ship fast as I live less than a mile from the post office and go on a daily basis!
Simply click on the BUY NOW button below! 

Steel Sahlute to Wisdon and Quick Release Oil!!
Scott Rauber

Other payment options ARE available.  Please contact me.