For future review, we have this handsome, handmade in the US of A, Great Eastern Cutlery Tidioute Beaver Jigged Brazilian Cheery Wood Mini Lockback Hunter #721112 knife.  Whoa!!  (

I've been testing this, made in upstate New York (and I'm not talkin upstate as in 25 minutes north of NYC here) Utica Cutlery Co. Catskill Stockmans knife.  Just beautiful ain't she? 

And, last but not least is this vintage (1905 – 1936 according to Official Price Guide to Collector Knives, 15th Edition) A.W. Wadsworth & Sons Germany Scout Utility bone handled knife:

same knife just different lighting……

According to Official Price Guide to Collector Knives, 15th edition this firm was assoociated with A. Kastor & Bros.  A. Kastor & Bros were integral in many knife comopanies. Check out this list: 

BTW, my 2 most relied upon knife reference manuals are:


Simmering in the steel spirit!!