Sleek and so suhmoooooooove, that's what this knife says.

Reading the tang imprint on this pocket knife takes a magnifying lens. Then one discovers that the person in charge of stamping the tang couldn't quite fit the entire name THOMASTON, so only THOMAST was stamped.  On the other hand, KNIFE CO and CONN are crystal clear.


According to The Official Price Guide to Collector Knives, 15th Edition (which you really should own if you want to know knives) THOMASTON KNIFE CO. was based out of Thomaston, CT.  and was in the knife business from 1884 – 1930.  

WOW, that makes this living knife to be at leats 81 years old if it was the last knife to roll off the assembly line just before The Great Depression and WWII.  


Don't ya love those pearly Mother of Pearl handles……suhmoooooove!

Enjoy the day! Steel Sahlute to you!!