There's something special about obtaining a Swiss Army camp-utility-scout style knife, that was made in the USA!

Just makes ya push your shoulders back and chest out and sahlute the American spirit!

It's a treat for me to have this Colonial Mountain Guide knife pass through my hands.

(I added the paracord lanyard w ferro rod).

This multi-purpose, utility camp knife was made between the years of 1970 and 1999.  According to the folks at Colonial, there were one million produced during that time in Providence, Rhode Island.  Are you ready for this?  The retail price for this American made knife was between $8.00 – $12.00.  I'll assume the reason for price increases was in accord with time.  Unbelievable huh?  A whopping $12.00 for a "staple" in multi-tasking, outdoor- experience-conquering, won't-camp-without, harness of American made possibility! 

Ooooooooh, ready for this my steel brother?  I just got off the phone with Steve Paolantonio of and he proudly informed me that this knife is still……………………yes still covered by the lifetime warranty.  How's that forstanding behind your creations?

Comes with:
Leather Punch blade
Spear Point blade
Screwdriver with Cap Lifter blade
Can Opener
Based on appearance, the steel looks to be high carbon!

Compared to this Colonial Swiss Master knife you can see the difference in blades.  The above pictured has a leather punch, while the one in this link has a smaller blade: 

Colonial also produced the Forest Master multi purpose, utility, camp style knife. 
And, the amazing thing……these knives can still be found on auction sites like eBay. 

Steel Sahlute to the Mountain Guide knife by Colonial!! 

As a side note……I am now selling the Paracord Lanyard w/ Ferro Rod.
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