When this knife first arrived I opened the box, retracted the steel and my initial thought was, “Oooooh ain’t this just the cutest little fixed blade you ever did see!”  Soooooooo cute.

Couple days later I latched it on my belt (the leather sheath is beefy and inviting) and outside with my grandsons we traveled.  I cut a twig or something, finished up the mission with my boyz and back inside we went.  I placed the knife, in the sheath and it set for a month or so, until…………

Well, here’s where the story changes.

I’m planning a camping event with my grandsons in a week.  We won’t really be camping overnight, but we’ll set up our gear at a reserved primitive camp site and head off down the trail to scare some squirrels.  Since I haven’t done anything that resembles a campsite in ooooooooooh, say 30+ years, I immediately thought; “you better have a fixed blade knife along for the excursion.”

Not really sure why I had that thought…….musta been some sorta steel spirit connection to days of old when my father used to carry one. 

I obeyed the steel spirit voice and grabbed my Case Hunter Fixed Blade 365-5 SS and shined and sharpened ‘er, mentally imagining walking thru the wooded trails and having ‘er strapped on my belt.  I was excited – still am.

Then, nothing against CASE knives, but the shorter more  stout Utica Adirondack Knife catapulted to the forefront of my mind as what I should carry that day.  The thought of a shorter blade with a more direct connection to the power of my grip just seemed to be the ticket. Yeah……..that is the ticket.

At just under 7” (6 ¾” actually) this Utica fixed blade knife fits quite comfortably in my hand and if I extend my thumb over the spine I cover all but about an inch of the knife.  Yeah, this definitely works .  a direct connection to the steel cutting power this knife offers.

Nickel silver bolsters and pins, 420 stainless steel blade, high polish hardwood (cocobolo) handles, tight fitting leather sheath, and……………………………………………….and it’s Made right here in upstate New York! Yes sir, right in Utica, NY.  Gotta love it! 

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part – only $40.00!!!! Why would you purchase an imported knife?


Let's review this knife together………………..

Why don’t we compare notes?  If you don’t have this Utica Cutlery 6 ¾” Fixed Blade Knife, you can purchase one below, here in the Amazon link (yes, I’ll earn a few cents if you do). 


Then you take it out into the woods or wherever, and drop me a line.  I’ll post your thoughts along with mine and we’ll have a good time experiencing the exact same knife!

I'll be in the woods on Saturday Feb. 23rd and if you have one we'll be connected by the wireless steel spirt that day!

You in?   

 Steel Sahlute!