Greetings fellow lovers of the steel and American made slip joint style knife bretheren!

Steel Sahlute to you!

Today on the bed of pine needles we've got our American born and raised fingers on an American made piece of cutlery!
Introducing the Utica Big Pine Stockman # 32579GB:

Beautiful isn't it?  Just makes you want to run into the woods and make camp in a pine thicket.  I know.

Founded in 1910 by local businessman Utica Cutlery Co. can be found on the web at and in Utica, NY. Kutmaster is a division of Utica.  Knives can not be ordered from that site, you'll have to see my links at the bottom after you have read the review and are ready for the test.  Ok, there's no test……

Three blade stockman stlye knife: Clip, Sheepfoot, Spey
1095 Carbon Steel
Bolsters are solid nickel silver
Lavish, deep green, jigged bone handles
Made in Utica, NY (BONUS points right there )


We'll discuss the fullness of the fit and finish first.  How'd you like all those "f" words in one sentence? (That's for you TJ 😉 )  

The fit and finish deals with the perfection of how the knife is put together.  These are "production" knives made in the USA.  Production means "produced in large quantites" without a lot of customization or hand handling.

The knife fits almost perfectly except for a paper thick space in the spring that opens the spey blade which in turn causes the blade to wobble up and down.  Yeah, weird huh?  I've seen blades wobble right to left and vice versa, but knot up and down, but this does. 

A small glaze appearance on the back handle (see below):

A little spider like, teeny weent, itsy bitsy patina looking blemish on the back of the clip point blade (very tough to see but it's mid way near the edge of the bklade):


The nail mark on the clip blade could be a little deeper in my opinion.  On a number of times I stuck my thumb nail in it and it snapped back close before I could get it open properly.  Then I noticed my brother in-law experience the same issue.

So, in conclusion, regarding the fit and finish portion of the review, I'd score this 8 steel shalutes.

Now, on to the exciting experiences a knife is made for……CUTTING!

The blades are sharpened with a deep grind and the clip blade has a super knice swedge in it:

First thing I always cut is my hair……………….on my arms, knucklehead!!! No luck.  Didn't cut.
Knext is the paper cut.  Did great once the lip of the paper would stop folding over while I was trying to cut.  The best blade in the paper cutting test was the sheepfoot blade.  Yeah.

More cutting exercises:

Paper towel inner cut:

Then the banana cut.  This is monumental in my reviews.  Every knife has to pass the banana cut.  I open the main blade, hold the head of the banana up and away from me at about 14" away.  I take one quick swipe.  It better take the top off like a knife through hot butter.  It did:

Then, a new test!

It's called the Carrot Cut.  No clue how I determined that for the kname…….it just came to me.

I do have to say, the carrot shaving was quite easy with this spey blade.

Accessibility Factor
My pockets are full so I carried this in a leather sheath.  Obviously accessing the knife isn't as easy since I have to unsnap my sheath then pull open one of the blades with my other hand.
Other than just being beautiful, and being produced in the U.S.A., want to know what the knext best attribute of this knife is?  Price.  Yeah, price.  This stockman knife can be found for less than $40.00 EVERY DAY!!!!

I'll also add………this knife has some weight.  It's got some UMPH! 

I'd say this knife is more of a" daily user knife" than a collectible.  I say that because I think of other USA manufactured knives; Great Eastern Cutlery, Case, and Canal Street Cutlery who are just as beautiful, but because of the higher prices those knives pull, I think one might tend to collect and maintain their pristene finish.  Just my take.  

Final thoughts and score:
Based on the above, I'd like to see this knife cut the hair off my arms.  You might want to fine tune the carbon steel blades to accomplish that, but then again, that whole hair cutting test is cool for a demonstration.  Once your traveling the great outdoors and you need to trim a sapling for a marshmellow roast, you'll be thrilled to have this knife on you.

The minor blemishes are just that. Sure the knife could be pristine, and that would be expected from a USA made product, but none of the blemishes affect the functionality.

I score this knife 8.9 Steel Sahlutes!!

Steel Sahlute to American made Utica Cutlery Co.!

BTW, if you or anyone you know is interested in branding or personalizing their logo on knives please see the Utica Kutmaster products in link below and contact me!