Steel Sahlute to 100+ Years of making knives in the USA!!! That's Utica Cutlery Co. 

Here's a link to their website: 

Blogger plug alert….(I'm plugging myself).  For your information I sell custom printed knives.  Utica, Kutmaster has a full ine of imprintable knives if you or anyone you know is looking to promote themselves with knives.

Now, back from our commercial break, to the knife review!

I love everything captured in a Utica Cutlery knife; the history, the beautiful scenic arena of Upstate New York, the jigged bone handles, and the American-made tradition.  All of these elements resonate the steel spirit of Utica Cutlery.

This is your traditional style, slip-joint knife encompassing three 1095 mirror polished, taper ground, carbon steel blades; clip point, spey, and sheepfoot.
The handles are jigged bone dyed to a Autumn color, naming it: Catskill (like the Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY).
Measures 3 9/16" closed.
Nickle silver bolsters.

I've executed the follwing cutting exercises: tape, paper, and cardboard over the last month or so and she's performed rather well.  No problems actually.

During that time I've carried this knife in my leather belt sheath and probably shouldn't have done that as the dye has started to rub off.  I don't know if  the dissappearing dye is from the leather, or my hand, but it has begun to fade in spots. 

I contacted the Kutmaster/Utica National Sales Manager about this and he seemed to think it was one or the other.  He also mentioned that even though their knives are good every day carries, they are more geared towards collecting.  And they sure are beautiful knives!

For a simple knife that is so stunning….the best part has yet to be mentioned….

Yeah, ya know, the thing that is MOST important to all of use…..the element we are comsumed by……that which feeds the selfish fire within….Yeah……the money!!  These Amercian made knives can be obtained on a regular basis for right around 40 bucks. eeeeeyeah……40 bucks.  Knot too bad, huh?

I do like the "snap back" when closing the blades….it's more elegant and solid, as opposed to the metal chomping sound of a trap.

The slip joints are comfortable as well…..knot nail breaking.  Knice  firm "hold" when open.

Obviously, the knife requries two hands to open.

It's knot a burden to carry.
It's made in the U.S.A.
It's priced at $40.00

What more do you want out of your knife?  Oh, sharp?  No worries, she's sharp enough.

Summarrizing the Utica Cutlery Catskill Premium Stockmans Knife Review!

Accessibility – 9.0 
(requires 2 hands to open and is either buried eep in your pocket, or in a sheath)

Collectibility – 9.2

(The Nat'l Sales Manager informed me these were created primarily as collectibles, the only curve ball I've seen, is the lack of chatter about these as collectibles.  I know many are waiting to read this review before they purchase, which leads me to believe they don't have any in their knife collection).

Fit & Finish – 10.0
(Everything fits together quite nicely, and the catskill dye color is so representative of the autumn and fall, ya just want to go rake up a pile of leaves and jump in!).

Wear – 8.0
(This follows in the footsteps of Fit & Finish, and as I carried this knife the dye began to come of the handles.) 
Here's a pic below:
You can see on the lip of the bone, right side, where the finished has rubbed off. 

I gotta tell ya, I really like this knife.  I am a smidge cautious in the detail to quality, however.  I'd consider this to be more of a non-user knife as opposed to an EDC (Every Day Carry).

Final Steel Sahlute Score………

8.8 Steel Sahlutes!!

Steel Sahlute to Utica  Cutlery Co for allowing me to review two of their knives!

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